Deploy APK using Gradle

Android app developers can also use Gradle Task to deploy their APK files. 

  1. Add the following details below in app/build.gradle.
    // ...
    baltoUpload {
         // require
         userToken = [USER_TOKEN]
         projectToken = [PROJECT_TOKEN]
         // options
         releaseNote = [RELEASE_NOTE]
         readyForReview = [true or false]
  2. Parameter Description
    user_token Click your profile icon (located on the top right corner of the Web dashboard) to view your User Token
    project_token Click the project name to view your Project Token details.
    package This is the .ipa/.apk file you upload.
    ready_for_review [Optional]
    0 means the project will be distributed to you only.
    1 means the project will be distributed to all members.
    Note: The default is 1.
    release_note [Optional] This is the Release Note. Enter the necessary details as required.
  3. Implement into the upload task.
  4. $ ./gradlew app:baltoUpload{TARGET_BUILD_VARIANTS_NAME}

The Japanese version of this article can be found here:

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