Create a Webhook for Balto Notifications to Be Sent to Slack

To keep track of all of the feedback that's sent in the Balto app, create a Webhook so that your Balto notifications are automatically sent to Slack. 

Note: Integrating Balto with Slack can only be done by an Admin or a Collaborator.

Set Up Your Incoming Webhook URL

In this two-step process, the first thing you'll need to do is set up your incoming Webhook URL.

  1. Start by accessing the Slack App Directory. Head to where it says Manage.
  2. From the left hand menu, click where it says, Custom Integrations and select Incoming WebHooks.
  3. Click where it says Add Configuration
  4. Select the channel you would like your Balto notifications to be sent to or create a new channel. Once you are done, click Add Incoming WebHooks integration
  5. Your Webhook URL will be provided. Click Copy URL.
  6. You'll receive a preview of what the message will look like. Click Save Settings to complete setting up your incoming Webhook URL.

Set Up Your Webhook in Balto

Once you've got your incoming Webhook URL, the next step is to create a Webhook in your Balto project.

  1. Start off by clicking on your project and click where it says Webhooks.
  2. Click the button that says, Create a Webhook and select Slack.
  3. Enter the following details:
    • The name 
    • The incoming Webhook URL (that you just set up)
    • Check off which events you would like to be notified about in your Slack channel
    • Lastly check off Active in order for the event notifications to be sent to your Slack channel 
  4. Once you've finished entering the details, click Save to complete setting up your Webhook.
  5. Once complete, you'll be able to confirm that your Webhook has been set. 
    • If you don't want any notifications to be sent , simply uncheck next to where it says, Active.
    • Click on delete to delete the Webhook.
    • Click on edit to edit your Webhook.

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