[Error Message] This app doesn't have token. Please reopen app

If you tried to send a screenshot or a video clip feedback and received the following error message, This app doesn't have token Please reopen app, please check the following:

1. Close your beta app and open it again and try to send your feedback. Check to see whether the error message still comes up

2. Did you manually install your beta app using Xcode or another application?
If so, the feedback will not go through. We ask that you delete your beta app from your device and manually  install it via Balto.

When you open your beta app for the first time on your device, you should see it transition to the Balto app momentarily and back to your beta app. See clip below. If you didn't see this happen with your app, please check the following:

Check your beta app that contains the SDK to see if  AppDelegate.swift or AppDelegate.m the Balto.returnFromBalto(openURL: url, options: options) is displayed. Even if it may be displayed, there is a possibility that it's not being commented out.

3. Are you receiving the same error message on other devices?
If this issue is occurring only on the device that you are using, then the issue may be with the device iteself. In that case, we ask that you contact us via chat or email us at hello@balto.io with your iOS version and device name so we can take a better look into your situation.

The Japanese version of this article can be found here: https://balto-ja.helpscoutdocs.com/article/86-feedback-ios-error

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