Invite Member to the Project

There are two ways in which you can invite members to your project before distributing it out for feedback. Select from your organization member list or invite the member via email. 

Select from Your Organization Member List

  1. From the Web dashboard, start by selecting the project and click where it says Invite Members.
  2. From the organization member list, select the members you would like to invite by checking the box off.
  3. Once you've selected all of the members, click Invite.

Invite Member via Email

You can also invite a member to your project via an email invitation.

Note: By inviting a member to the project will automatically include the member to the organization.
  1. From the Web dashboard, select the project and click where it says, Invite Members.
  2. Enter the member's email address and click Add.
  3. Press Invite to send the email invitation.
Note: To assign the member's role, head over to the organization settings.

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