How to Use Balto

Below is an overview flow for individuals who want to distribute their beta app/website for feedback. Here's how to get started with Balto.

1. Create Your Account and Confirm

Start off by creating your Balto account.

  1. Sign up your Balto account from the Web.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you registered. Login to your email account and click the link to confirm your Balto account.

2. Create Your Organization

Once you've set up your Balto account, the next step is for you to set up your organization account.

  1. Enter your organization name.
  2. Invite members to join your organization by sending them an email invite.
Note: If you need to invite, remove or update your member's role, make the changes in the organization settings. 

3. Create a Project (Web, iOS, and Android)

Once you've set up your organization account, the next step is to create a project from the Web Dashboard.

4. Before Distributing Your App/Mobile Web Project

  1. Select the members you want to invite to the project.
  2. Write up your release note.

Mobile Web Projects

Enter the URL of the mobile website details.

iOS Projects

  1. If you have an iOS app that you want feedback on, install the BaltoSDK into your app.

  2. For apps created in Unity, install the BaltoSDK into your Xcode project.
    Balto supports OS, iOS 9.0 or later.

    Swift 3 and Objective-C is also supported.

  3. Upload the ipa file that contains the BaltoSDK into your project.

Android Projects

  1. For Android apps that you want feedback on, install the BaltoSDK into your Android app.

  2. Balto is compatible with Android 4.1 or later. 
  3. Upload the apk file that contains the BaltoSDK into your project.

5. Distribute Your Project

Once you've completed the steps from 1 to 4 the final step is to press the Distribute button to send it out for feedback.

Distribute your projects using API (iOS and Android projects).

You can also use use Gradle Task to distribute your APK file (Android Projects).

6. Before Giving Feedback

  1. Install the Balto app (iOSAndroid).
  2. Open the Balto app.
  3. Manually install the iOS or Android app that's been distributed via Balto. Once installed, open the app and start the feedback!

7. Feedback

Here are the types of feedback that you can give:

  • Capture a screenshot (from the Android / iOS app)
  • Take a 6-second screen recording (from the Android / iOS app)
  • Comment on the screenshot or the screen recording that's been sent as feedback (from the Web Dashboard / Android / iOS app)
  • "Like" a feedback (from the Web Dashboard / Android / iOS app)
  • Update the feedback status from to do to, in progress or done (from the Web Dashboard / Android / iOS app)

8. Project Settings

GitHub Integration

From your project settings, you can also integrate GitHub into your projects to make it easier to create a GitHub issue.

Create a Webhook for Balto Notifications to Be Sent to Slack

To keep track of all of the feedback that's sent in the Balto app, create a Webhook so that your Balto notifications are automatically sent to Slack. 

To set up a generic webhook, click here

Archive Projects

Once you've finished a project, you can keep your project list organized by archiving your project. You can also activate at any time.

9. Continuously Update Your Project

With the feedback that you've gathered, improve and update your products to take it to the next level. Continue the feedback cycle: send and receive feedback, make the changes, update your project to improve the quality of your app, with one piece of feedback at a time.

iOS and Android Projects

If there's a new version of your iOS/Android project that you want feedback on, simply press the Update button and upload your latest ipa/apk file. 

Web Projects

To receive feedback on your updated website, simply press the Update button and enter the URL before distributing. 

Note: With the Balto app, you can install previous versions of your beta app in Balto.

10. Changing Plans

When the Free Trial Ends

With the 30-day free trial, you can create and distribute three projects and have up to three Admin/Collaborators. But once the trial ends, you'll no longer be able to send and receive feedback as well as update your project details. To see what plan works for you, refer to our pricing page.


  • To understand the different roles and permissions for each of the role, read about it here.
  • To get the best Balto experience, refer to Balto's system requirements.

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