Before Distributing an iOS App

From the Web dashboard, complete the steps below so you can distribute your iOS app for feedback.

  1. Select your project and click Select File & Release Note.
  2. A modal window will appear with two section that says, File Upload and Release Note.
  3. In the File Upload field, upload your IPA file which has the BaltoSDK installed. Upload from either clicking on the select file button or just simply drag and drop.
    Please make sure to have the latest version of the BaltoSDK included in your IPA file.
  4. Select your Distribution scope.
    • Select All project members to distribute the project to all the members who have been invited to the project.
    • Select Only me if you would like the project to be distributed to yourself only.
  5. Enter your Release Note details. 
  6. Press Okay.

The Japanese version of this article can be found here:

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