Manage Organization Members

From the Web Dashboard, you can manage your organization members by inviting, removing and updating the member role. 

To get started, select your organization and click on Settings

Invite Members

To invite a member, simply enter the member's email address and click Add.

Lastly, select the role you want to assign the member to.  An email will then be sent to the invitee where the invitee will simply need to confirm the email to be added to the organization.

Note: When you invite a member via an email invitation, the member is automatically added to your organization member list. The same applies when you invite a member to a project. The member will automatically be included to the organization member list.

Remove a Member

To remove a member from the organization member list, search their name and click the Remove button.

Note: Removing a member from your GitHub organization does not mean you have removed the member from your organization in Balto. Therefore please make sure to remove the member from the Web Dashboard.

Update Member Roles

To update member role, search the name and update the role by selecting from the drop down menu. 

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