Where do I get the UDID from?

What Is an UDID?

UDID stands for Unique Device Identifier. It's similar to like a serial number in which it's a 40 character ID comprised of letters and numbers. Each iPhone and iPod Touch have their unique ID specific to that device. By registering the UDID of the devices, you can distribute your beta apps to users to test out, review and give feedback on your apps before officially releasing it on the App Store.

In this article, we discuss two ways you find your unique UDIDs.

Find Your UDID Using iTunes

  1. Open iTunes (the Mac or PC app, not iTunes on your iPhone).
  2. Plug in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and click the device button that comes up. 
  3. Once you click on the device, the device details will be displayed. Hover your cursor over the ECID and click until your UDID is displayed.
  4.  To copy your UDID you can, right click on your UDID to hit Copy or, head to the menu bar at the top and click on Copy UDID.
Note: If you are a reviewer (someone who's going to be sent the app), make sure to also specify your device model along with the iOS version. This will make it easier for the developer to register your UDID details to their provisioning profile.

Find Your UDID in Xcode

Another way you can confirm the UDID is in Xcode. Keep on reading below to learn how.

  1. Open Xcode and connect the device to your Mac or Windows computer.
  2. From the menu bar, head to Window > Devices. 
  3. From the left hand menu, click on the device that you've connected.
  4. Next to where it says, Identifier will be the UDID. Click the UDID to copy and add it to your provisioning profile to complete. 

The Japanese version of this article can be found here: https://balto-ja.helpscoutdocs.com/article/133-locate-udid

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