[Error Message] This APK does not have balto.json

In order to successfully distribute your Android beta app, you'll need to make sure that along with your apk file, you have also created a balto.json file. If you haven't, you will receive the below error message, This APK does not have balto.json.

Here are four possibilities that we ask that you check:

  1.  Confirm whether baltoGenerateResourcesDebug exists in the gradle task. Here are two ways to check:
    1. ./gradlew -q tasks --all execute from the terminal.

    2. Check from the Android Studio Gradle window.
  2. If the gradle task comes up does not exist, this means that the plugin was not successfully installed. In this case, please  install the BaltoSDK to your app and try again.
  3. Confirm whether in app/build.gradle the debuggable value shows as  true . Please update it to true if it's showing otherwise.
  4. Note: The debuggable value needs to be set as  true to be distributed via Balto.
  5. If in AndroidManifest it displays minSdkVersion,  please include the details in build.gradle instead.
  6. If the minSdkVersion is included in AndroidManifest, it will not work.
  7. The last option is to clean and build. Once done, under where it says, app/build/generated/balto/ check to see if balto.json has been created.

The Japanese version of this article can be found here: http://balto-ja.helpscoutdocs.com/article/114-apk-distribute-error

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